New phone (moto g power) activation

What phone do you have? Moto G Power

What plan are you on? My Choice +4GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data included

Issue Description

I am trying to activate my new phone, Moto G Power. Instruction booklet said after an hour to reach out for help. Phone is currently on “Completing setup. Installed 1 out of 93 applications. Google Play Store, 25m.”

I can now see Google, but that’s all.

Do I need help?

Jeffrey Mills

Hi @jeffkmills,

Please look over this guide and see if it helps you with the setup:

If you still have trouble getting the phone setup please let us know.

Hi @jeffkmills,

This refers to any issues with the activation process itself, in the Republic app.

This is not something our Help Team can assist with. It may take some time for the Play Store app to complete the installation of your apps if you are setting it up from a backup. Be sure you’ve got a good WiFi connection.

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Also having problems getting my computer to recognize the phone. I do have File Transfer turned on & I was able to get the computer (finally) to install the driver for the phone, but it’s still not showing up in Explorer or the Device manager, even after rebooting both phone & computer. Sigh I’m beginning to regret replacing the old phone. At least even with its issues it worked 90% of the time.

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