New phone - move old sim card? Came with Verizon sim cards

I have a very old (5+ years) Republic Wireless phone. I just bought a Moto g7 Play phone. It came with Verizon sim cards. I want to keep my current number and current Republic Plan. What do I do?

Hello @briand.e4faxp

if you old phone is a Legacy Phone (a Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, or G3) then the SIMs would not be comparable with any newer phones, (5 years ago these where the only phones)

1st make sure the Moto G7 Play you have is the correct model for republic (XT1952-4) as Republic does not support models made for other carrier only the North American model (XT1952-4)

you will need to get a BYOD SIM the GSM (T-Mobile’s Network) can be purchased here or from Amazon here

if you require the CDMA (old Sprint network) coverage you can request one though a help ticket
(this is the coverage of the Legacy phones listed above)


Thank you! Luckily, it was the correct model for Republic. Thank you for the handy Amazon link. I ordered the new SIM card already!


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