New phone new charges

I have a plan and because I bought a new phone the price went up. Why?

Hi @cheriem,

Republic’s newer phones require a different plan structure. For what it’s worth, this has been the case since July 2016. Keeping your grandfathered plan with a new Republic phone isn’t possible. Republic’s new phones require use of Republic’s My Choice plan: In Republic’s words:

Republic Wireless My Choice is an entirely new offer and has tons of new features like wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) experience. With these features, we’ve also made changes to price points.

I appreciate this might not be the answer you were hoping for. Nevertheless, I hope the candor is helpful to you.

Hi Rolandh,

I paid over a yr of service (without using) just to keep my old plan. Had I known it would be out dated I would have canceled my plan. How do I get my money back?

Can I cancel this plan and return this phone? Just don’t think RW need my business nor do they care anymore. Maybe I’m off because l’m old school. Do I have option’s?


Since the summer of 2016 all new phones need new plans and Republic has stated this when the 3.0 phones where released,
One can open a ticket and asked but I’m not seeing a way Republic should be on hook for that cost.
As for cancellation of the phone and return Republic has a 14 day money back guarantee

Can I return the phone???

If within the 14 days

Let’s try this again… under my account(if you look at it…) can I return this phone? This is a yes or no answer???

Hi @cheriem,

Here in Republic’s online Community, we (myself included) are mostly members (other customers) helping fellow members. Only staff would be able to look at your account.

Whether you’re able to return the phone or not depends on how long you’ve had it. Republic does offer the 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee described here: Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help.

If you would prefer to work with someone with the ability to look at your account, please open a ticket.

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It’s very clear that I do not understand how the system works… How can I get a hold of somebody that works for the company? This is just obscenely ridiculous

Can I use this phone with any other service?

Hi @cheriem,

Please just click the green words open a ticket, then sign in to your Republic Wireless account. Staff will respond via email. You may also see staff responses when signed into your account here:

I suspect the answer is yes, however, to confirm we would need you to share the brand, model and generation of the phone in question. We are happy to do our best to help but need information.

Hi @cheriem,

You’ve asked a question in our Member Community, where our members help one another with general questions about how to use their phones.

Even though you are seeing replies in your E-mail, the conversation is taking place online in our Member Community at and when Roland asks you to click the green words, it is because that is how the link appears in his view of the conversation. You may not see the same thing if you are viewing the conversation in your E-mail.

To get staff assistance for account-specific questions, you’ll need to open a Help Ticket at


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