New phone, new SIM cards, no instructions

Seeing as this is close to my issue perhaps you will allow a question . Bought my wife a new moto g power from republic. Received the phone and 3 starter packs. No instructions. I have already submitted a request to move to a 5.0 plan so I can include her phone with my plan. Had the my choice.
Trying to set her phone up but it will not let me. I show my phone is still on my choice. Is this why her phone shows as not compatible on republic ? Submitted a thicket about 4 or 5 hours ago but not heard anything.

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Hi @jimm.1uxek3,

Your question is always welcome, but I have moved it to its own topic so we don’t confuse others on the “locked to Boost” topic.

I’ll need to look at your ticket to see what exactly you’ve requested, but it’s not a matter of support simply moving you over. You’d have to buy a 5.0 plan and activate it. We’re currently asking existing members to do so on a new account, because our legacy accounts cannot yet support 5.0 plans.

What does “it will not let me” look like? When you bought your wife’s new phone, did you also buy a plan? If not, you’ll need to buy a plan, on a non-legacy account, before you can activate the SIM cards.

Here are the steps required to move from 4.0 to 5.0 at this time:

The “starter packs” have an activation guide and a “getting started” quick-start guide in them.