New Phone, New Sim? (Going to Moto G5+ from Moto X 2nd Gen)


As the thread states I’m just asking for confirmation that I need a new SIM card to use this phone. I put my old SIM in the G5+ and it doesn’t seem to recognize it. The republic app says my phone is supported but prompts me to buy a new SIM card…

I’ve swapped SIMs between devices before without issue is this a different kind of SIM card?
Thanks in advance Republic Family!


Hi @sowexly,

Yes, the SIM card in your Moto X 2nd Gen is a different kind than the one you’ll need for your Moto G5+.

See: If I Get a New Phone Will I Need a New SIM Card? – Republic Help

Is your Moto X 2nd Gen still working?


Just barely it’s required for my work so I didn’t think twice about buying a new phone on the spot but yikes.


Did you use our coverage checker to make sure BYOP is supported in your area?


Yeah it checks out, fine on the app says I have 4G if needed etc
I’ve ordered a SIM as suggested just wish I knew ahead of time I would have planned for it.


Be sure to leave the SIM in your Moto X (2nd Gen) if you sell it or give it away. The SIM is only used for LTE service and doesn’t contain any personal information.


Righto thanks for the info everyone, now I’ll cross my fingers that shipping is fast during the holidays haha


Hi @sowexly
You’re going to love the new phone. I can’t pry my wife’s G5+ out of her hands to fix a setting or check updates to apps.
I upgraded when my X2 was stuck in landscape mode all the time. It wasn’t worth putting a sensor in it.


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