New Phone. No customer service


I am extremely annoyed. I have been with RW for 30 months paying on time. I switched to a different phone. It’s giving me an error in the activation process. It says “Cell configuration failed.” I have a help ticket open and have chatted (electronically) with two different RW people. It’s a complete waste of time. They do absolutely nothing. I think someone just needs to link the new SIM card to my account. It really sucks not having a usable phone and they are too lazy to do anything. HELP?!?!?!?!


The community might be able to help with some information. What model is the new phone? Where did the SIM card come from?


Hi @michael12345,

I apologize that you’ve experienced this extended wait. Our team is not lazy. We have a hard-working, dedicated staff of technicians who are eager to solve issues. Unfortunately the ticket volume is high and a virus is running its course through our staff ranks, so we’ve had quite a few team members out sick.

I’m making some notes in your ticket now and will do my best to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.


You must realize how it comes off in today’s CS world. even the worst ones that have hold times of an hour, you are able to reach someone within reason. This is a major factor holding RW back. We have saved so much, and your product works for us. But we cannot recommend you to anyone due to the lack of immediate responses. I get it staffs get sick. But an updated automated response saying such is better than us left in the wind wondering. Like me losing my phone with no responses or advice. Then finally receive a response 4 hours later in the middle of the night repeating my question back to myself. Looks and feels like a canned copy/paste response.


Hi @nismo80,

I’m painfully aware of the times our support model fails to meet our members’ expectations, however, I also see countless examples each day where it works, and it works well.

We strive to learn from each failure and always improve, and the complaints do not fall upon deaf ears.