New phone number has been assigned, but my phone still sends from the old one

After switching to Republic, I successfully transferred my old number to my new phone. However, when I try to text people, my phone does not send from my desired number. Everything online states that my new phone is using my old number. Help?

Edit: I miss-typed. The last sentence SHOULD say “My account information on the Republic Wireless website is saying that my new phone has successfully switched to the desired number. Help?”

Go to the dialer, enter ##8647##

Depending what phone you have, it’ll either clear off the screen or if it doesn’t hit the “call” button.

Then restart your phone.

How to VOIP Your Phone

I have so far tried that twice now and it still hasn’t switched. Should I just wait a few hours and then try again?

Are you using Samsung’s bundled Messages app for texting? If so, it doesn’t work properly with Republic’s app based blended WiFi/cell service. Among other symptoms, using Samsung’s bundled Messages app will cause your messages to show an incorrect number to your recipients. Republic supports Google Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play.

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