New phone - old number. Old phone - new number

I have a Moto DefyXT, I want to transfer the number to a new Moto G4 (no SIM card yet). I want to keep the service for Moto DefyXT, but assign a new number. Is this possible? How do I do it? Thank you!

It is possible to transfer your Defy number to a new phone, but hat will deactivate your Defy, and that model can no longer be reactivated.

You will transfer your number when you get the new phone and activate it. After the google activation, you will begin the Republic activation. You will sign in to your Republic account and be asked if this is a new line or a Replacement/Upgrade. Choose Replacement for the Defy phone and the number will transfer to your new phone.

activate the new phone as a new line then create a help ticket to swap the lines between the phones stating you want both phones to remain active

Hi @davidf.8gvwd3,

In order to pull this off, it is imperative that your DEFY XT not be deactivated. Once deactivated, Republic is no longer able to reactivate it.

To that end upon acquiring the needed 3.0 SIM for your G4, I suggest activating the G4 as a new line of service. You may then raise a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here. In that ticket, you’ll want to ask that Republic swap the numbers between the two phones.

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