New phone old phone number not transferred or deactivated

Got new phone. Wouldn’t pair with old phone. Downloaded through the cloud. Just found out that the old phone number was still active and the new phone had a new number.

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  • If your old number is with another carrier, then what happened is correct. The transfer can be accomplished by following the steps in the following document AFTER you’ve activated your phone with a Republic phone number: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help

  • If your old number is with Republic, that indicates that either:

  1. You didn’t select to move your number during the activation OR
  2. You connected your phone to a different Republic account that your old phone so you were never presented the option to move your number.
  3. So, you’re going to need to cancel the new activation and then reactivate with the new number. If you go here: do you see your old phone, your new phone, or both?
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new number

It says the old number is not available.■■■■ I am doing this for my husband. I am wondering if he now has two accounts with you.

The number checker tool doesn’t work for Republic numbers. As indicated on that page it is only for numbers from other carriers.

So, again, when you go to do you see the old phone, new phone or both?

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It only shows the new number.

Can he have started a new account?

Can we track it through the phone number?

Yes, that means he started a new account, which is why the option to move his number wasn’t shown. Sounds like he’s going to need help from the support team figuring out what email his old phone is connected to. You’ll want to open a ticket.

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