New phone problems


What phone do you have? motog 5s plus
What plan are you on? basic 1 gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 gb

Issue Description

I just received my new motog 5s replacing my old defy, I am a charter user. The problems I have right now is that I can not login without restarting, it is always hung up in the emergency #QA Also, all the apps from the old phone are there but no icons, how do I get them back?
Do I get my phone call history back?


Are you swiping up from the lock screen? [a right to left swipe would open camera while a left to right opens the dialer (for emergency calls)]

As for getting you call log back it would take data transfer app that works on both Gingerbread and Nougat OS s


Yes, I swipe and get either the emergency no or the camera, but I can not go to the app screen, to do that I have to restart the phone.


First to verify, you are swiping up from the bottom of the screen?

You can go to phone Settings, Security, Screen lock and choosing none. With this setting the phone screen should unlock by pressing power button. Once you do this try changing back Swipe to unlock screen. Please let us know whether that helps or not. Thanks.

Your apps should be in the app drawer and you will need to move them one at a time to your home screen(s). They may not have migrated to screen automatically because of coming from a Defy XT.

I do not remember call history moving from phone to phone but you can view it in your online account portal/info.



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