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I’m upgrading from Moto X (1st Gen) to the Pixel XL. I already ordered the RW Sim Card, so when the new phone arrives, and after I download and install the RW app from Google Play Store, is there anything else I need to do after inserting the SIM?

Just wondering a few things:

1> Do I need to remove the Sim Card from the Moto X phone so there’s no conflict with both phones having the same phone number?

2> Assuming the Sim Card needs to stay with the Moto X, does RW deactivate the old phone?

3> Does RW have a phone “trade-in” program, whereby I can get account credit for my Moto?


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Activating the new phone is as easy as reading and following the screen instructions. Take the replacement option and the number will transfer from your X to your XL.

Leave the SIM in the Moto X. Remove any screen lock and then factory reset it. The SIM must stay with it and it does not contain any data.

There is no trade-in plan.

You will need to activate your new phone as an upgrade to your existing phone

Activate My Phone

You need to leave the SIM inside your Moto X1. That phone will be automatically deactivated when

your new phone is activated as a replacement to that line.

Unfortunately, RW does not offer a trade-in program, but you can try selling your Moto X1 on third party resellers such

as Ebay and Swappa. See here for useful info

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

Your new phone will be on TMobile’s network. So make sure that works for you by zooming in to the areas that are the most important to you.

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

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