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I’m looking to buy a new phone and am looking for some recommendations. I need something that is unlocked for overseas use and has reliable calling/texting/messaging/video calling. I would like a decent camera for pictures and short videos, but I don’t need anything fancy. I mostly want something that will last a few years. I was looking at the moto g power, but my concern with the cheaper phones is that they will be obsolete so quickly that I’ll have to replace it again. I’m willing to spend more money for something that will last longer.

Any suggestions?


personally I would look into a Pixel 4A (as a pixel device will receive updates the longest, and has one of the best cameras out there) also at $350 it’s not the most expensive of phones

Moto Phones are not bad but their cameras have always been so-so (better than the old point and shoot cameras but Motorola has never been known for their cameras) The Moto G line trend to only see one major OS Update


Just to make sure, I can purchase the Pixel 4A elsewhere (e.g. Amazon) and still use it with Republic Wireless?

as long as it the north american model (GA02099-US or G025J)

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One question. You don’t mention what you’re upgrading from.

Be careful, as if you’re a long term member, upgrading your phone may result in you losing your discounts, as I did. Make sure and read all the minutiae in the terms and conditions so you too won’t be misled.


To make sure a future reader of this thread is clear, no discounts are lost by upgrading your phone. If you are on the Refund Plan, which was discontinued OVER FOUR YEARS AGO, and you choose to update to a new phone you would have to move to the new plan structure. For anyone that uses more than 0.66GB of data a month the new plan structure is CHEAPER than the previous plan structure.


Whether it’s the term REFUND or DISCOUNT , the obvious point is, you may very well lose the specific reason you signed up for.

This may very well be the reason Republic churns their plans.

Only their marketing organization knows for sure.

Except that’s like saying whether you use the term discount or fork, the obvious point is, you may well lose the specific reason your signed up for.

Again, it wasn’t a discount. It was a plan, where the data was $15 and you paid by data actually used. The new plan, data is $5 and it is sold by the GB, regardless of usage. I’ll keep repeating this, since you do in so many threads, if you use more than 0.66GB of data the new plan is CHEAPER than the old plan.


So it happened 4 years ago (and the old plan is still available for those specific phones). Man that is really a huge amount of churn!


We just upgraded from Moto G 6 phones to the Moto G Stylus. We’ve been using the Moto G line since we upgraded from the Defy XT back in the beta days. I find them to be a nice mix of a competent/decent camera with solid battery life. I can’t comment on the ability to drop a sim card in while overseas, but I have had good luck with Moto G phones on wifi in Europe and Canada. This line usually gets 1 OS upgrade and security patches for 2-ish years. I was tempted by the Pixel that was on sale in August, but decided to stick with the mid-range phone. If you’re looking for a solid, everyday “worker bee” phone, these are a good option. Hope this helps!


I agree, Moto makes a nice phone for the price. I’m on my 3d one [with RW], an X, a G3, and my current 5+. But I’m getting about ready to replace my almost 3 yr old phone and for Xmas, I expect the Pixel 4a will go for $300 or less. And that’s too good a deal to pass up.


As a fellow Moto loyalist…we took the plunge with the Pixel 4a to upgrade one of our aging X4…very happy with it so far :+1:

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