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So my spouse needs a new phone. Looking to spend up to $200, maybe a little more if necessary. Her priorities are:

Something one screen size up from her Moto G 3rd gen - but not as big as my X Pure
Good camera
Plenty of space/storage


See this excellent table in Tips & Tricks that will help you narrow things down for you. Detailed Supported Phone Features

  • It is a great example of collaborative efforts by members in the Republic Wireless Community
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Oh wow that looks very helpful, thanks @jben!

OK, so looking over the chart as well as the things my spouse cares about, a Nexus 5x would be a good choice for her. Anyone know if it’s possible to find a new one for sale anywhere, or is that too old of a phone to find a new one? Is this the right phone for RW and is this a decent price?

the Nexus 5X has been out of production for almost 2 years now (it was replaced by the Pixel which has been replaced by the Pixel 2)

edit to add recommendations
given the requirement of between the 5"(Moto G3) and 5.7"(Moto X Pure) and around the $200 I would look at
the Moto G5 Plus (5.2") (32 GB for $229)
the Moto G5 S Plus (5.5") (32 GB for $279)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (5"2) (16 GB for $199)

note in my option a 16 GB storage phone is too low given the state of smart phones today (the OS is growing and the apps are also)

I would encourage you to steer clear of the Nexus 5x. It is prone to serious reliability issues:

The Moto G5 plus would be near your price range and desired phone size.


Thanks folks and I see your recommendations above now @drm186. The Pixel 2 is way too big for her. So I am back to my original question which notes my wife’s needs:

  • Something one size up from her Moto G 3rd gen - but not as big as my X Pure. This knocks out the Pixel (or any version thereof, which are all too big). Need something in the 5.75 x 2.9 inch range.
  • Good camera
  • Plenty of space/storage (which I would define as 32gb internal or something with an SD slot)

edit. sounds like the G5 Plus may be the best choice for her. it’s still pretty big in the hand though at 5.91x2.91 :frowning:

I bought a refurbished Pixel (ended up being brand new). It’s a nice size (5.66 x 2.74"). It’s well above the $200 range, but it has a great camera. The Pixel 2 is in your size range (5.74 x 2.74"), but very expensive. I still think the G5 plus is hard to beat. I used to carry around a Nexus 6 that was huge, but it’s amazing how you get used to it after a while (and miss it when downsizing).

I haven’t liked the size of the comparable X Pure since I bought it. I should have returned it in the 30 day window but thought, “Oh I’ll get used to it.” lol Nope.

I’ve commented before on the Forum that my favorite phone by a MILE was the original X. That was a fantastic phone for me in terms of size, snappiness, storage, price etc.

thanks for the comments on the G5plus, that’s probably what she’ll go with. Pixel 2 definitely out of our price range. :slight_smile:

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edit: @jben, someone should add a “recommend/don’t recommend” column to that chart you referenced above lol :wink:

just for more information■■■■5271


that chart is even more helpful, thank you drm! I will bookmark that website for future comparisons. :slight_smile: G5 Plus it is. Last two questions: What is the update outlook for this phone? And is the Incipio case on the RW site a worthwhile purchase or should she go elsewhere for a case? Incipio NGP Advanced Case For Moto G5 Plus | Republic Wireless

Thanks again, you people are fantastic as always.

the Incipio NGP Advanced Case For Moto G5 Plus | Republic Wireless should be a good one (it’s a know case maker) and the price is the same on amazon
other cases I would look at

G5 Plus and a case purchased from RW. Thanks everyone!


I have to disagree withe you on /about the nexus 5x I have had mine for 2 years an Have not had any tbl with it at all. No boot loop or any other hazard. It started out on FI an now on RW an has the latest load an preforms great. No reliability issues at all.

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