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I’m close to buying a “renewed” unlocked Galaxy S10. Its model number is SM-G973UZBAXAA, and I see on RW’s byob phones page that the compatible S10 is listed as SM-G973U1. Is the 1 on the end a variable and thus I can safely buy this phone, or is it incompatible?
I have a GSM SIM in my current Nexus 6p (another 3.0 byop), so I assume it can just go into my new Galaxy. What about transferring all my apps, photos, videos, files, texts, contacts, etc?

The “XAA” at the end of the longer SKU indicates that the phone is the “U1” model. The “1” is not negotiable, but the “XAA” model IS the U1 model, so you’re good. All that said, I’ve seen many many times “renewed” phones that are listed as the XAA model not be that model at all so the only way to REALLY verify for sure would be to look at the model number etched on the back of the phone.

Yes, a GSM SIM can be moved and then the Republic App needs to be installed and opening on the new phone to complete the transition.

Finally, there’s good info here about moving your content: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

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