New phone, same number?

I currently have a Republic Wireless plan, but I need a new phone. From what I’ve read, I have to get a new Republic Wireless plan, which is fine. But I want to keep my existing phone number so I won’t have to give everyone I know a new number. How can I get the same phone number on a new phone?

Hi @paulh.tsonqs!

Sure thing! Republic has made this very simple. When you buy your new phone from Republic (or bring your own approved phone and buy the SIM), simply open the Republic app, login with your current account information, and then tap the " I want too…Upgrade/replace existing line" option. Make sure you hoose the right line (if you have more than one device) . Republic has created a very straightforward document to guide you through setup (with pictures!). You can check it out here:

Hope that helps! If you need any additional help, feel free to reply and ask! Have a great evening and enjoy your new phone (when you get it)!


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