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My wife and I have been with Republic for a few years now and upgraded our phones for the first time. I purchased two Moto 4 phones through the website and can only activate the one. For some reason my wife is not able to access her number on her phone, she can only activate to my phone number. How to I get her phone to activate to her number that she has already on Republic?

I think I ordered both phones under my number, but it seems silly that since they are both on the same account it wouldn’t offer the option to activate the new phone for her number. One time I had an issue like this with a straight talk phone and was able to enter some serial number or something to re-arrange things. Can’t republic do this?



Did you by chance Assign her phone to her under your account? See:

If so, you can follow the steps to un-assign.



Thanks but that doesn’t seem to be the problem. It wasn’t assigned originally and I did try to assign it but that doesn’t help.



Just got done chatting with an expert I just got done chatting with an expert and they said to open a help ticket so here I am again. I don’t know why this is so complicated and why my second phone won’t pick up the second number on my account. The second phone is not assigned to anyone. How do I get my new phone to recognize the secondary number on my account?



This is not a help ticket, this is a customer forum. We have live agents 24/7 waiting to help and we are pretty easy to reach over email, online form(ticket) and live chat.

Here is a guide to help familiarize you with how our suppoort works.

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When your wife originally set up her first phone, that you are not finding now, did she have her own account log in (email and password). In other words, could the phone number she is trying to transfer be on another account separate from yours?

If so, she will need to use that log in information to access that phone number during the activation.


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