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I am having trouble getting google settings on y moto e to recognize my new moto g4 plus. I want my whole account attached to my new phone but the old one wont do it

I’m having trouble understanding the problem you are having. Could you tell us where you are in the activation process? Did you activate the G4 as a replacement for the E1? Are you having trouble transferring data from the E1 to the G4?


Sounds like the OP is trying to use NFC to clone the phones. Don’t the G4 not have NFC @billg?

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Yes the G4 has NFC but the E1 does not. He might be trying to use Migrate but the G4 doesn’t support Migrate. We need more information. His email, contact list and calendar will all transfer automatically. We can help him with his pictures and music if necessary.

See I had the NFC backwards on the E1 & G4 but I didn’t think of the Moto Migrate app and G4 not able to use it.

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If you are having issues with the transfer of your data with the activation process, these links will give you options for apps that should help transfer your data after the initial setup is completed.

are you sure the G4 has NFC I thought that why many where going to the Moto X Pure as the G4 does not have that feature (it no shown in the specs)

You are correct. Neither the G4 or the G4+ have NFC.

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