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My moto g phone died - it is a republic phone with a sim card. Can i use this sim card in another phone and have it use my republic plan and services?

The answers depends upon the generation of the Moto G in question. If it’s a first generation Moto G, there is no SIM card to move. If it’s a third generation Moto G, the SIM is phone specific and can’t be used in any other phone. If your Moto G is a 4th, 5th or 6th generation, the answer on moving the SIM becomes, maybe.

So, let’s start with establishing the generation. Please tell us what is said for that under the graphic for your Moto G when signed into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless.

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4th generaion

As the phone is dead you’ll need to take out the SIM and look at the word ”Republic” if it’s dual tone with a grey ”Re” and green ”public” then the SIM is GSM and can simply me moved to a new phone, if ”Republic” is all grey then you’ll need a new BYOD SIM

I ordered a new phone from republic, i think it will come with a new sim card so I can still use my same account. I just have to activate it. thanks for your help

That’s correct, phones ordered from Republic come with the SIM you need for activating them.

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