New phone, sim card not here yet


We purchased a new phone for my daughter, and ordered a BYOP sim card from Republic. I know we can’t migrate her phone number until the sim card is here (due to arrive 5 days from now), but can I start the migration of data/apps, etc. from her old phone before the sim card arrives? I know she’s anxious to have a fully functional phone (her Moto G4’s speaker stopped working, and it’s driving her batty), and would like to get moving on the switch.


That shouldn’t be a problem. The phone will work as a tablet until you you get the SIM and activate it. You can put her Gmail address in it too and she will receive mail on it over WiFi. You can put the Anywhere app on it and she will be able to message over WiFi.


Thank you! She’ll be very happy to hear that when she gets home from school tonight. She’s at her wits’ end with the old broken phone.


If she is enrolled in the Anywhere beta test she could even place calls from it when connected to WiFi.


I think the SIM card on the G4 be moved over to the G5. The G4 is a Micro SIM probably on our GSM carrier and the G5 Plus takes a Nano SIM. Our SIM cards can be broken down from Micro to Nano. I am not sure you needed to buy a SIM, unless your daughter is on CDMA.


Well that’s disappointing-- she’s on GSM (bought the G4 from Republic before you could do CDMA on that phone).

To be perfectly honest I am less bothered by wasting the $5 on a sim card I don’t need than the $4 Republic charged me to mail it as slowly as they could manage. They could have mailed it first-class on Wednesday for under $1 and it would be here already. Instead the estimated delivery is Tuesday the 6th. That’s a little ridiculous.

(We are going to try to get the speaker fixed and upgrade our son’s G1 eventually, so the sim card will be needed someday. Just irritated at the expensive & slow way to mail something the size of a postage stamp)


@robinr.w2hjcw It costs a whole lot more than $1 for Republic to mail a SIM card. Please read this discussion here for insight:


I meant this as good news that your daughter does not need to wait. The challenge with dual carrier is that they are very different, so confusion can happen. As for the shipping, it it’s a lot more costly than you can imagine. I think the link given previously sums it up best. Having a spare SIM can be a good thing.