New phone, stay with Google Voice?

I’ve tried searching, but I haven’t found precisely what I’m looking for. I have had a Moto X first generation for several years, and from the beginning I’ve used Google Voice to make and receive calls. I’m planning to upgrade, probably to a Moto G5+ soon. My experience of the X has been okay, but there often seems to be a lag between answering a call and connecting, both when I call and when I receive a call. I have a few questions I hope some of you may be able to help me with.

  1. Is the lag I mention normal?
  2. If it is, would it have anything to do with using Google Voice, or is it common with Republic’s Wifi calling with the older phones, or is it common with cell phones in general?
  3. At this point in time, what, if any, are the advantages of using Google Voice? Disadvantages?

Thanks so much

the way Google Voice works and Republic Hybrid VOIP/cell works is very Similar (both force the dialer to route cell calls thought their servers when Google voice does this it must still go though Republics servers first and then Google’s servers.)
I find a minor delay, almost unnoticeable, when I use one or the other but when used together they these delay do stack, but most of the time this delay is small that I can live with it

Google voice does have some advantage

  1. once number is there is no need to port it else where which may not take it due to not take VOIP numbers or not in the rate center
  2. if main phone is lost it’s easy to forward to another no matter the carrier
  3. SPAM blocking on Google Voice is good
  4. transcribed Voicemail
  5. web interface for managing Text, Voicemail and Call log (including blocking numbers)

are another layer of networks that something can go wrong
the $20 port in cost

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