New phone, storage

I’ve had my Motog5+ for about two years. It’s has been behaving poorly, things get changed…not by me, no sound when I receive texts sometime, “messages” not supported, etc. AND my storage is nearly full.

What will I need to do to prevent storage from being full when I transfer my info to new phone?

Thank You

Disabling “Auto Updates” in Play store setting is the 1st thing I do when setting up a new phone.

Take some time to remove unused apps and delete stuff you don’t need. Buying a phone with more storage may work for awhile for packrats unwilling to take the time to do the cleaning.


Lol. Ok, then. I have already removed any apps I don’t use, I have very few apps that I actually installed. When I try to uninstall apps that were already on my phone I receive some sort of message, that I perceive as a warning…
I was thinking along the line of moving my pics to my computer? If that is possible.

Thank you

Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

These two articles might be of help:

Yes! Thank you so much.

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