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So … I try to support RW, I really do, mostly because I come from a background of regulating competition, and I want to support the competitive upstart. But I’m getting tired of “defending” my choice when things like the following happen with my Moto x (2nd gen):

  • Interacting with automated phone systems (e.g., customer service systems) is difficult when on wifi – buttons are much more sensitive, so keying in any longer number correctly is basically impossible and I have to switch to cell.
  • New networks that I can’t actually connect to regularly pop up in the middle of other activities (when I try to use the “Forget Always” fix recommended by others, my screen just freezes)
  • Activation time on startup feels like I’m waiting for a vintage 386 from the '90s to boot up.
  • Sometimes I can’t receive calls on wifi while texting, or receive emails while on the phone.

I think I’m about ready for my last run at a successful RW phone. Any recommendations for the least frustrating phone? Much appreciated.

I don’t experience any of these problems with my Samsung Galaxy S7. Yes, it is an expensive phone but unlike the X2 it will work with any of the major carriers so if you can’t work around your WiFi issues you have some other alternatives without buying a new phone. Also, the S7 is about the same size as my former X2.

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I not having issue with My Moto X 2nd (only time activation take long after power down and I leave it plugged in, I will admit that I don’t use WiFi for automated systems (I always hand off to Cell )
I do believe the new phones don’t have as much issue (as their software in unmodified from the OEM Stock)

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