New phone, switching from old phone with no sim card

Have a Moto G with republic plan. Got a Moto G6, realized I had no sim card to switch over from my Moto g. I ordered a sim card from republic. When I get it and put it in my new Moto G6 what happens? I don’t want a new account or plan or phone number just wanted a new phone and keep everything the same with republic.

You will need a new SIM, during the activation of the new phone you’ll have the option to move your number to it. You will have to select a new plan. The plan that you have on the older Moto g, is no longer available and has not been available since June of 2016. Any phone sold new since then, requires the my choice plan which you’ll find here:

@johns.hh24iw To make sure you do not get a new account, during Republic activation login to the Republic Wireless account that controls your current phone.

If you use the login and password for the account that controls your current phone, you will see the option to “Move (your number)”. If you use a different email as a login you will likely end up with a new account and only see the option to get a new number.

thank you both for the help. If it doesn’t work for some reason i’ll be back :slightly_smiling_face: I will need to do the same process for a family member as well.

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