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I just purchased a new Moto G7 and it never prompted me to move my existing telephone number or create a new one. It just created a new telephone number on this phone which I do not want. Does anyone know how I can transfer my telephone number off my old phone 2 my new phone?

Hi @davidh.wq2dkb

Please create a support ticket so you can work with a Republic agent who has access to your account information. They will be able to help you unravel this.

You’ll be able to open a support ticket when you sign in to your Republic Wireless account at the following link:


Hi @davidh.wq2dkb,

For the benefit of others who might find themselves in the same situation, I’d like to point out that you may not even have needed the help of our staff.

Usually when we see this happen, it means that you’ve activated the phone by entering a new E-mail address when you signed into the app. That means you signed into the app as a new account. Our system can’t offer to give you a phone number from another account - and how would it know which one to offer you? That part of the process requires that you be signed into the account where your phone number exists.

To fix this situation, simply log into the account portal using the Republic Wireless account where this phone was newly activated, and cancel the line. Once canceled, re-activate, and this time, sign in using the E-mail address where the number you want on your phone is currently held. You’ll be offered the option to move the number to the new phone once you work through activation on the account where that number exists.

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