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Will the MOTO G5 Plus Model: 01095NARTL(at Best Buy) work on the Republic Network? Specifications indicates it will work on the Sprint Network.

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Hi @oscarj,

When I search Best Buy’s website for 01095NARTL, I find a Moto Z Play, not a Moto G5+.


Likewise, when I search our inventory, 01095NARTL is associated with the Moto Z Play.

Unfortunately I do not know how unique an identifier that code is so I can’t be certain all phones with 01095NARTL can work with our service. Additionally, the fact that you’re seeing it on a Moto G5 Plus would make me very skeptical about buying it. Is there any other model number available?

Additionally, the Moto Z Play is GSM-only for our network. We are not able to supply a CDMA SIM card for the Moto Z Play to use with Sprint as our carrier-partner.

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For what it’s worth, 01095NARTL looks to be a Motorola manufacturer’s SKU as opposed to a model number. NARTL is, to the best of my knowledge, shorthand for North American retail, so in theory a phone ending in NARTL should work with Republic. That said, Best Buy does have a bit of a reputation for being inconsistent with the use of both model numbers and manufacturer’s SKUs.

My instinct is the phone will work but you might see about arranging a potential return without Best Buy’s usual restocking fee with someone who has that authority at Best Buy prior to purchase. Best Buy has granted me that courtesy in the past.


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