New phone, transferring current phone number

Hello: I have a new phone on order from Republic, and have been a customer for over three years. I want to use my current phone number, but am unsure of the procedure, once my new phone arrives. My husband also has a phone and service with Republic, so I don’t want to mess this up:-)

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You can find instructions in the Help Center. But the skinny of it is that you’ll be able to choose to move the number over during the activation process.


Oh, thank you! I have those in my email, so I’ll be all set, then.


Hi @marinad.eevybn

You will simply sign into your existing account during activation and choose to replace your number on the new phone. You can backup Contacts, Photos, apps etc. to your Google account and they will be restored when you sign into the Google account on the new device.

This document will help…


a link to the activation walk though (not need but it a step by step guild)

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Yeah, I have no problem reloading my apps…been there several times before:-) It sounds like the process is pretty simple. It’s been three years since my last phone with Republic, so I don’t remember the process too clearly. Thanks for your reply!


Thank you!

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