New Phone=unwanted new number and account

Hi! Old timer needs help.

I bought a new Republic Phone (Moto Pure) to replace my Moto X 2nd gen. I followed what I thought were the right directions to activate the new phone & transfer my Republic Account & phone numberto the new phone. Well I got a new number & account that I didn’t want! I just wanted to transfer all my stuff, including phone number, into the new Moto Pure. I accomplished that with my Google account minus the phone number.

Transferred my contacts, photos and programs. Now that I’m not frustrated, don’t feel like a idiot since I’ve done this with at least 3 other phones at Republic, I need to know. What do I do now? What did I do wrong? How to fix? Help?

I want my Republic phone number to transfer to the new phone and delete the new phone number & account that was assigned to the new Moto Pure without my being asked?

(After that I would wipe the Moto X 2nd gen and sell it.)


create a help ticket Republic Help

Republic support should be able to merger the new account into the old one then swap the numbers and finally deactivated the old phone)

Seems like whatever I did it worked out! Got credit against the charge on the ‘new’ account and the number was transferred. I’m a happy Republic camper again! Thanks!

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