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I just bought a new Pixel 4 XL phone from the Republic site… good deal as on sale, but on back order so will take upwards of 2 weeks to get, AND I am still being charged $15- to send! I would argue that waitng 2 weeks should negate this charge, or at least the option of regular mail at a lower price be offered.

BUT, I digress. I’m getting a new phone due to water damage to my old phone, and didn’t see anywhere to purchase any warranties with this phone. The Gooogle store offers a Preferred Care package, but it appears only if purchased from them. Does anyone know if I can get any warranty through the Republic store. Or if there is even a warranty as the site mentions NOTHING!

Goven the escalating price of phones these days, it would seem that this should be an option for all serious sellers.

Any help would be appreaciated.

Hi @emadk and welcome to the Community!

Republic still has to pay the company delivering your phone to you the cost of the shipping method you selected. That doesn’t change regardless of when something purchased ships and this is true of something purchased at any online vendor. When I buy something at Amazon that doesn’t ship right away due to backorder or for whatever reason, they don’t discount the shipping charge as a result. In theory, shipping via “regular mail” might be offered but doing so would extend the amount of time it would take your order to reach you. For example, if you selected two-day shipping and it takes two-weeks for the backorder to clear, your order would arrive two-business days after shipping to you. Were the order to ship via some less expensive (and slower) method, you’d be waiting for however long that slower method took on top of waiting for the backorder to clear.

The above said, the two week estimate provided at Republic’s online store is a worst case scenario. Republic’s current expectation is it should receive sufficient stock next week to clear the backorders.

What you are asking about is insurance. All phones currently sold at Republic’s online store carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Of course, manufacturer’s warranties do not cover accidental damage, loss and/or theft. Republic does not currently offer an option for purchasing insurance.

That said, there are multiple third parties who would happily sell insurance to you if that’s your desire. Asurion, Securranty and SquareTrade are all options. Before making a purchase from one of them, you may wish to ask the issuer of the card used to make the purchase whether they offer insurance for purchases made with their card. Some card issuers offer such insurance as a cardmember benefit.

I would suggest taking a close look at the terms and conditions of any insurance policy you might choose to purchase. Often the cost of the insurance and associated deductibles make such a purchase unfavorable to the consumer. There are reasons insurance companies are generally very profitable. I’m not advising against such a purchase per se. I am saying caveat emptor.

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