New Phone? What To Do With The Previous Phone

Many people may have received a new Republic Wireless phone for Christmas. Or, you may have purchased one of the new phones on your own, now that Republic offers so many new choices. You may be wondering what to do with your previous cell phone.

Personally, I recommend that you keep the previous phone for backup purposes. You never know when an unfortunate accident will see your favored new phone lost, stolen or otherwise incapacitated. If that happens, it only takes moments to re-activate the previous phone to use while you weigh you options or order a new replacement. Re-activating the older phone will immediately move your number back to that phone, thereby protecting your privacy and personal information if you don’t have your lock screen password protected.

But, if you are intent on recovering some of the value that remains in your older phone, you might consider on the online reseller options below. eBay and Swappa have been the most common recommendations in this discussion forum. But, eBay’s fee are somewhat high, lately. These other resellers may offer options and terms more to you liking.

If you have used any of these services in the past, you might take a moment to share your experience below. This may help your fellow Republic community members with their own decisions on the subject. Thanks!


I’m keeping mine to use as a bicycle computer. If I crash and it breaks, no big deal. Now if only I could find a decent bike mount…

Or, if you crash and land on the new phone, you can still reactivate the old phone. Good plan!

Very nice compilation. When I moved to 3.0, I sold my X2 on Swappa and was very satisfied with the experience.

I would add that if one activates a legacy Republic phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) to stand in for a GSM Republic 3.0 phone, one fries the GSM SIM. That SIM cannot be reactivated; it must be replaced. On the other hand, one of the advantages to GSM phones is one may simply buy a compatible 3.0 phone locally and swap the SIM from broken phone to new phone and be back in business. A SIM will survive almost any accident that might break a phone including a dunking.


Drog, Care to elaborate? Are there certain apps that allow you to do this? I’m assuming you will have no connectivity with the old phone other than 911.

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