New phone with Facebook preinstalled

I bought a new RW Moto phone and apparently google is being paid by FB to preinstall on >Android 10 phones. Thanks google. I hate FB and everything it stands for. I have never been a member of FB, although I recently divested from What’sApp.
My question: can they Hoover up my information through the app, which sits unused and un-updated on my new phone? If so, I’ll return the phone and part ways with RW. The phone doesn’t seem faster and the battery longevity is only slightly better than the <Android 10 phone I stopped using.
Thanks. Annette Alpert

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  • Which Moto phone?

  • Where was it purchased?

  • Have you tried this?

    Remove apps

    1. Touch Apps .
    2. Touch Play Store.
    3. Touch Menu.
    4. Touch My apps & games.
    5. Touch the application that you want to remove .
    6. Touch Uninstall , then confirm by touching OK.
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First, so there’s no confusion for others, there is no such thing as an RW Moto phone. It sounds like you bought a Motorola phone from Republic’s online store. If I’m right about that all phones currently sold at Republic’s online store are U.S. factory unlocked variants. They are the same as factory unlocked variants sold elsewhere with the same apps preinstalled by the manufacturer. Republic does not modify the phones it sells in any way.

Second, it wouldn’t be Google who entered into any agreement to preinstall Facebook’s mobile app. It would be the manufacturer, in this case Motorola.

You are not alone in feeling that way. :slightly_smiling_face: A growing number of folks have moved away from WhatsApp due to Facebook’s ownership.

The short answer is no. One would need to be signed into one’s Facebook account and actively using Facebook’s mobile app for there to be a privacy issue.

If Facebook’s app (or another unwanted app) is preinstalled by a phone’s manufacturer, it is not generally possible to remove or uninstall it. Typically, the best one might do is disable it following steps similar to the one’s offered by @jben.


That’s really helpful and good news. I read on the RW website that google contracted with FB to place their app. I believe google owns Motorola, so it may be a distinction without a difference. I tried to open the link @jben above, but it is “an invalid URL,” so there’s that, as they say.

Thanks for your prompt and useful reply. Still the bloatware on google/Motorola and therefore RW phones is weighing my phone down and sapping its energy.

Yes, I’ve done that, but many can’t be uninstalled, only updated and then you have to turn off auto update to at least have the satisfaction of some minor control over the app you don’t want.

They did for a short time, years ago, but Moto is owned by Lenovo.

Would you be able to point us to where on Republic’s website you read Google contracted with Facebook? To the best of my knowledge, it’s an inaccuracy that should be corrected.

Google no longer owns Motorola. Google sold Motorola to Lenovo in 2014.

There are no links in my response nor do I see any in @jben’s, so it’s unclear to me what you’re opening that’s providing the invalid URL message.

Perhaps, this guidance from Google might help:

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Hi @annettea.vjr0o4

I have a Moto G Play (2021). Thanks for bringing this up. I noticed that my new phone does have the Facebook app pre-installed too.

I opened the screen that shows all the apps on my phone. I put my finger on the Facebook app and left it there. I was presented with the “Uninstall” option at the top of the screen. I was able to use that to remove the Facebook app.

I hope that works for you too. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, Johnny5. It worked and I’m rid of that undesirable app. Spotify, too! If only I could get rid of half the google bloatware…

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I found that on the RW Help Center. I copied and pasted:

Why Is Facebook Preinstalled on My Phone?

Google and Facebook have an agreement to preload this app on many Android phones. Republic Wireless does not preinstall the Facebook app or in any way partner with Facebook.

Also, thanks for the information about Motorola and Lenovo.


It was the link TO @jben that I couldn’t open. It was green, so I thought it was a link, but it lead to a dead end. I did get a letter response from @jben, and it was a helpful letter. I guess that was my error thinking a green marking that led anywhere was a link. It wasn’t, but that person did write.
thanks again,

Hi @annettea.vjr0o4,
Sorry for the confusion, links in the community don’t translate to usable links in emails and this often leads to confusion.
But both @rolandh and I checked the community forum and I never put any links in the forum discussion with you … so what you thought was a link to me was the internal @jben which would indeed be an invalid URL if accessed from any place other than the community forum

Hi @annettea.vjr0o4,

I’ve updated the Help Article you mentioned to make it a bit clearer.

I’m glad the Community was able to help you uninstall the app. It’s one of the first things I do when I set up a new phone.

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Thanks. I sent back a Samsung A51 to RW. I think it had FB preinstalled and I couldn’t uninstall it, if I remember correctly. I don’t think it was a “shell.” I could be wrong, but there was so much bloatware, it seemed that all the memory and storage was going to support that dreck. I was so furious that I returned the phone, but I’ll keep this one. And thanks for the updated help article.

Unless the A51 is somehow different than every other Samsung phone, it could have simply been uninstalled.

OK. Thanks for the information. I may be misremembering that I couldn’t remove it, but now I can’t check as I’ve sent it back, factory reset.

I have the new Moto G Fast that I purchased from RW. I couldn’t say off hand if it came preinstralled as I use the Facebook app which is needed for my work.

I can tell you that I can uninstall the Facebook app.

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Thank you and I’ve uninstalled it. Thanks to the community for their answers!

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