New phone with Notification Light


Need to replace my Moto G. My original cheap Moto phone had a message notification light that would blink when I had a new text or missed call.

I really miss that simple feature. Which models of new phones sold by Republic has this useful feature? Thank you


To my knowledge, none of the Motos do. I’ve used the Defy XT, Moto X, X2, G and Z Play. None featured a message notification LED.

Perhaps one of the other brands would have that feature. Honestly, I don’t know why any phone would NOT have that feature.


To the best of my knowledge, none of the phones currently sold by Republic have a notification light feature nor am I aware of one generally that has said feature.


moto g 4 plus
samsung s6 and s7 and s8


I believe the Alcatel A30 has an LED indicator. I used to see mine blink. I never paid any attention as to why it blinked.


Maybe so. I’ve never noted any correlation between an LED indicator and notifications on mine but, likewise, haven’t paid attention.


When doing the latest Android upgrade on my Moto G5+, I noticed a small illuminated LED in the left corner of the speaker port (above the ‘moto’). The light was actually coming from inside he slot. I have not seen that before and was wondering if that is a notification lamp that is unused.




There are several notification apps from the Play store that will enable the LED if present or use flash.



I have the samsung s7 which RW no longer seems to offer and it does not have any light notification feature.




I already looked #fakenews


the referenced link is fake or something else?


My s 7 has a notification light.


I looked and saw nothing available on my phone.


My S7 has a notification light too.


It’s not in the RW store, but my Galaxy S7 Edge has a notification light.


One of my favorite features, too! It was useful to know about messages without having to interact with my phone.


One reason I set up my phone’s notification reminder app to repeat audio alerts, even less interaction required. . The app can also be set up to give visual reminders for those wishing to keep an eye on their phones. It’s easy to set up and works well for me.