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I purchased a new Republic phone to replace and existing one and for some reason the phone has two numbers that you can text and call. How do i fix this. I only want my original number not the new one.

Hi @bradg.o0ks1c,

Every Republic phone has two phone numbers. The one we think of as ours and give to others to communicate with us and a secondary number that Republic uses to route calls and texts to your phone when away from WiFi. This is the nature of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell technology.

Likely, you’ve run into a glitch where your phone’s secondary number is incorrectly being displayed as Caller ID. To fix that:

  1. Tap the Phone icon.
  2. Tap the Dialpad icon.
  3. Dial ##8647##
  4. The dialer will disappear. If an activation screen appears, wait for the process to finish, then tap GREAT THANKS!.
  5. The Republic Wireless notification icon may disappear briefly then reappear. If the icon does not reappear after one minute, Restart your phone.

If the above doesn’t solve the problem, more context on which phone you have and where you’re seeing the secondary number would be helpful. For example, do folks you’re communicating with see it when you call then, text message them, both?

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