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I want to buy a new moto x to replace my moto x but i can’t seem to buy a phone without a new plan. how can i purchase this phone and simply activate it to my new number upon arrival?

All of the New Phones are 3.0 phones and need 3.0 Plans

during activation of any phone is where you can chose to replace a line of create a new line (replacing a line will move that number to the new phone)

you’re SOoL - if you could find a NEW moto X it would have to be the specific model RW sold and have their proprietary firmware preloaded. you can buy a used RW phone from e-bay etc. and activate it but make sure it is a used RW phone. I also read recently that RW was no longer allowing reactivation of old DefyXT (from the Beta and RW1.0 days).

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

you are correct since Republic’s server upgrades on July 22nd 2015 to allow GSM BYOD the Defy can no long be reactivated (the new server just does not support the old phone)

Answers not clear. There should be a purchase option in the drop-down that says “replacement phone for existing plan” or something like that. Given how difficult (impossible?) it is to get a real person here I have zero confidence that I won’t be on the hook for another phone line/plan.

Answers not clear.

Other replies advising new 3.0 plan will be required when new phone purchased.

During activation of new phone there will be an option to replace existing number/phone and old phone will be deactivated.

Ordering process can be confusing but plan selection is a “place holder” rather than an actual purchase.

the process use to be that way but now the it’s been moved to activation of the phone when you have it in hand (to handle BYOD activation)

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