New phone?

I ordered a new phone (moto 4 g). I received a moto play. Can you tell me what the difference in these phones is besides the price? I also need to know do I send this back to receive the correct phone or keep it and be credited the difference?

I lost my last phone so will need that account closed and this one opened. I’d like to keep my old number. How can I do that?

Motorola has a decent web site for comparing the models.

Generally, the Play is a little ‘lower-end’ phone. I’d definitely open a Ticket with Republic for this one.

As for your account, you do not need to close the old one. Just activate the new phone on your existing account. It should be pretty easy and seamless.

The community does not have access to your order information. Please submit a help ticket to sort out the specifics of your order

The Moto G4 Play is essentially a slightly smaller, lighter version of the Moto G4 with slightly lower specs in most categories.

See here for a side-by-side comparison of the 3 variants of the Moto G4

Moto G4, Moto G4 Play, Moto G4 Plus

Moto G4 (2016) vs. Moto G4 Play vs. Moto G4 Plus | Digital Trends

This document outlines the step-by-step activation process. During the activation process, you will need to login using the same credentials as your existing account and then you will have the opportunity to “Move your number” to your new phone.

This will also automatically deactivate your lost phone.

Activate My Phone

comparison of the phones the Moto G4 Play is smaller than the Moto G4,5179

if you ordered and paid for a Moto G4 then you need to create a ticket to get the correct phone or the difference credited back to you Republic Help

the Moto G4 Play is selling for $149 while the 16 GB version of the Moto G4 is $179(sale normal $199) and the 32 GB version is $229

as for keeping the same number this should have happen on activation (you will be asked if current customer and then given the option to replace a line) if this did not happen then a support ticket will be need to merge accounts (if needed) and then swap numbers and deactivate the old phone Republic Help

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