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I just purchased a new MOTO X and it is being shipped to me. How do I migrate my contacts, apps, and messages to the new phone from my old MOTO G gen 1?


When the phone is activated there is a section that asks if the phone is a replacement or a new line. The replacement is the correct choice. when the Gmail is asked for use the same one on the old phone, this will help in migrating the contacts and stuff to the phone that has been backed up on the old phone.

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I’m not sure we are on the same subject here. What does gmail have to do with the apps on my phone, other than it is one of the many apps I have?

I want my contacts, numbers, and apps transferred from my old phone to the new one, not my gmail account email contacts. I want all the stuff currently on my old phone MOVED to the new one, apps and all.

the Contacts, apps and numbers easiest transferred when sync to a Google Account (if one does not like Gmail one should still have a dummy account just for this) (photos can be set up to be backed up via the Photo app (again linked to google account) then one would have access to them on the new phone

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