New phones and calendar app


I have just reached the end of my battery life with my Moto X. It lasted a long time. After crying just a bit I am now ready to pick out a replacement. Of course I would love to get the top model but my new budget just wont allow it. My favorite app that I would use daily is the calendar app. I am going to assume that all of Republics new phones have a calendar, but, are they all alike or are some a better app than others? I love the task list that keeps reappearing until you have completed it and crossed it off. Let me know if anyone has any answers for me on this. I was thinking about getting the moto G4 or E4 but have heard good things about the moto G5. How are these calendar programs?


You’re going to find the same calendering app across all Moto phones, and that’s Google Calendar. As far as which phone is better? The G5+ is the best of the bunch you mentioned (and I would argue nicer than your X1). The G4 and E4 are frankly pretty similar.


I’ll echo the response from lousidi. I’m a big fan of the DigiCal Calendar Agenda app. The widget and features blow away the stock calendar app.


Hi @maryy.mdhnj6
This is a post in another thread with a deal of $50 off a RW store Moto G5 plus. I hope this helps in your decision.
Thank You @grandbobby


Yeah The G5Plus would be your best bet at this time.

As for calendar apps. All the Moto Phones have Google Calendar baked in by default. You could consider using a different one if you want to download it. My personal favorite is the Today Widget. (Link to play store). It worked seamlessly with Google Calendar, but gives you more customization over the widget settings.


Well thanks for all your input. Sounds like I have nothing to worry about with the calendar apps. Now to decide between the G5 and the E4. The longer charge of the E4 sounds o appealing to me. I may get that one first and try it out. If I dont like it I will give it to my son and then get the G5. I have read it is a good phone despite some bad comments from republic customers.


Thanks alot for the tip on the $50 off of the G5 Plus. I have marked that date down. With a savings like that it makes it easier to decide which phone to get. I’m glad I took the time to consult with this forum.


@maryy.mdhnj6 I just got the G5 Plus and it is a great phone! The battery lasts a long time for me and I love the feel of it. The calendar app is good, but I prefer to use google calendars so I can use it on my computer and phone! I definitely recommend the G5 Plus though :grin:


Thanks Amandab,for the input on the G5. But good news, my Moto X came back to life. Before I recycled it I tried one last time for a fix. Before this happened I was using a cheap replacement charger, I never thought anything about it until looking back now. The phone was getting very hot when I charged it and then it wouldn’t charge much. I assumed my Moto X’s battery life was over and started searching for a new phone to purchase. Since then I borrowed someones Moto X charger for one last try to save my phone and bingo, it worked. I guess I can keep going on my Moto X for a while longer now but I know its day will come. So I’de just like to tell every one, be careful about choosing replacement chargers and be sure it will be compatible with your phone.


Yes, I always go with a quality branded name high amperage capacity charger such as the Anker five port usb charger; it has a total combined amperage output capability of at least 8 amps and at least 2.4 amps per port; I use it not only to charge my Motorola G5 Plus phone but I also use it to also charge my Anker 20,000 milliamp hour lithium ion capacity usb power bank; now with the combination of the two previous stated anker items used together one can virutually assure oneself of having virtually unlimited and unfettered access to ones Motorola Moto G5 Plus no matter how long one is away from a power outlet; cost for the Anker five port USB charger is about $24 currently on amazon and the Anker 20,000 milliamp hour lithium ion usb power bank with dual output of at least 2.4A with a total combined amp output of at least 4.8A. for $40 currently on amazon; since the Motorola Moto G5 Plus battery is not in fact replaceable; I figure it would be worth the additional investment to always keep the Motorola Moto G5 Plus smartphone battery always optimally charged up at all times this hopefully will allow me to keep the Motorola Moto G5 Plus smartphone battery from dying prematurely for quite some time; and even if it does die eventually due to “old age” I can keep my Motorola Moto G5 Plus basically running indefinitely with its 20,000 milliamp hour extended run advanced lithium ion battery.


Thanks for all the battery tips and thank you, Republic, for the surprise email I received from you telling me you are GIVING ME 1 MONTH FREE DATA just for getting a thumbs up in your community Forum! I really enjoyed having it at my fingertips where ever I go. My month is now over and I am back to my regular plan. Yes I miss the on-the-go data but with now being retired I have to be a bit more thrifty. I have my grandson on my plan and am supporting two other families. Its been great the past few years being able to pay for a plan for each of my grandchildren as they grew up into high school. With Republics fine service and unbelievable priced plans I didnt have to stay up at night worrying about where the kids were. I could text or call them. Thank you for not being greedy business empire and helping us all out with a phone plan that does not break the bank. You guys (and girls) are fantastic!