New phones duplicating each other

My wife and I recently replaced our old phones with Moto G4 Plays. After setup, my contact list appeared on both phones; browsing histories from either phone shows up on both; and if I watch Netflix on my phone, it shows up on hers as well. I’m guessing something went haywire when I migrated the old phones to the new ones. Anyone know how I can fix this? (We have 2 separate phone numbers on the same account.)

sounds like your using the same Google account I would get different account for each phone

Open the Google app, tap the three horizontal bars in the top-left. This will show you the Google account that is “synced” with the phone. You can press the down arrow to the right of this email address to add an account (which you’ll want to do) and–more importantly–remove the account that appears on both.

To remove, after hitting the down arrow tap Manage Accounts > Google > probably the three vertical dots in the top right then remove account.

Keep in mind this will just remove the Google account from the device. It won’t delete it altogether. The Google/Gmail account will live on in the “cloud” and you can re-add it at will.

Hope this helps.

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