New phones,no Google phones

Where are your Google phones? I also have to sign in various times on this website for some reason. I sent in questions for my new Samsung A32 phone (don’t really like it) and only got one answer, is this the beginning of the end of Republic Wireless? Can’t seem to find anything I want and don’t know why there are no Google phones. Can I reactivate my old Google phone and use it instead of this Samsung A32 phone I purchased, I like more of a simple phone and I think the Samsungs are too complicated for me.

Good morning @sandraw.jxs842,

We support several Google Pixel Phones for BYOP (you can see the complete list, here) but do not currently offer any in our online store.

I wonder if perhaps you’re having to sign in as you move across different platforms? We have our online store, our Help Center, our Community, and our Account portal, and you may have to sign into each one.

I see one ticket from you in our Help Center and it is currently awaiting a reply from our Help Team. They will get to you as quickly as they can.


Yes. You can move the SIM card from the new phone to your Google phone then open the Republic app and it will complete the activation.

The Samsung interface is very different from that of a Moto or Pixel. People who have used Samsungs for a long time can feel just as disoriented when moving to a Moto or Pixel. It’s just a matter of it being different from what you’re used to.


Thank you Southpaw for you replies, good customer service from you as you always respond so quickly.

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