New phones on the same Network as my RW Moto X Gen 2

Hi, I’m confused. I had a Moto X gen 2. I bought a new Samsung a while back only to find out it was on a different network and didn’t work as well in my area. My Moto X gen 2 was still operable and so I dropped back to that phone for a while. I am not considering a new phone but I have no idea which of your new phones are on which network or how to identify what phone is on what network as they don’t seem to say when I open a phone. Can you please send me a list of phones that would be on the same network as my current Moto X Gen 2. Thank you.

Hi @jarg9999,

This list you request is linked here:

The reality is though compatible with the CDMA (Sprint network) cellular coverage provisioned on your, Moto X2, those phones are compatible with either of Republic’s cellular network partners. There’s not a guarantee that acquiring one of those phones will automatically result in your desired coverage.

In fact, if you were to source one of those phones via 3rd party retailers other than Republic and pair one with a purchased Republic bring your own SIM, you’ll end up with GSM (T-Mobile network) cellular coverage.

If you’d be comfortable sharing, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)? With that, the Community can help sort getting an appropriate Republic coverage option for a phone in your area.


Perhaps your old Samsung might be able to be used on rw. Could you share the model number of that phone as well?

Thank you but the Samsung was through RW but connected to T-Mobile, where my Moto X Gen 2 connected through Sprint. The Samsung was my original replacement for the Moto X. This was where I first found out there were different networks. My connection with the Samsung was ok but often a problem… To be honest I dropped it and shattered the screen. Rather than fix it, I chose to drop back to my Moto X since the connectivity was better. That is why I do know I need a phone that will connect through Sprint and not T-Mobile But when looking at the new phones they don’t seem to out right say this one connects through Sprint or this one Connects through T-Mobile. Thus my confusion. I would like to again try to replace the Moto X but know T-Mobil does not work well in my area and I don’t want to make the same mistake I made last time. For what it’s worth, I’m near Pensacola FL Zip 32514.
Thanks again for your help. But I think what I’m seeing in the other response is that I need one compatible with CDMA Cellular coverage. So I’m going to try and look for that.
Thanks again.

rolandh, so thank you for the list you provided. I went ahead and purchased a Moto G7. But it seemed to list both networks as possible Networks. How do I identify how I want it setup? Or would I just transfer the Sim Card from my Moto X when it gets here?

Hi @jarg9999,

You cannot move the SIM from your Moto X2 as it’s phone specific. Furthermore, unlike their GSM cousins, active CDMA SIMs don’t move from one phone to the next anyway. It’s a limitation of CDMA technology. Coverage is a separate issue.

I had hoped you would be able to share the zip before ordering a phone, however, we can still work with this. Republic does not offer the end user a choice as to which network partner a phone ordered at its online store is provisioned with for cellular coverage. Republic makes the choice based on which partner it believes will provide a quality coverage experience.

Looking at the respective partner coverage maps in and around Pensacola, GSM coverage, in theory, doesn’t look bad. That said, those maps also show some pockets in the Pensacola area where CDMA would be preferable if not required. Maps are also, at best, estimates of coverage. I’m certainly not going to argue with your experience. You’re there, we’re not.

Candidly, there’s a good chance Republic will ship the G7 provisioned for GSM coverage. Please don’t despair, this can be remedied. When the G7 arrives, pop the SIM out (it will be preinstalled) and look at the lettering for the word Republic. If that lettering is a mix of green and black, the SIM is GSM. If that lettering is all gray or all black, it’s CDMA.

In the event it turns out Republic shipped the phone with GSM, it’s quite possible to ask for CDMA and here’s how:

You are, of course, free to activate the SIM that comes with the phone (even though it may be GSM). For what it’s worth, Republic’s GSM network partner has been aggressively building out its network, therefore, it’s possible GSM coverage has improved since you last tried it. If not, you would still be able to request a switch to CDMA as outlined in the above referenced Help Center article.

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I mentioned your old phone because it might have been sprint (cdma) compatible and if it was you could just have requested a new sim as mentioned by rolandh

Hi @jarg9999,

It appears a GSM SIM Card has been included for fulfillment with your order. We don’t have a way to alter the order at the fulfillment center, but I have placed a second order (at no cost to you) for the CDMA SIM card you need. This will arrive by a separate shipment, but I think it will arrive the same day as your phone. Before you activate the phone, simply swap the SIM cards, and then walk your way through the activation process.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you to all of you. I went ahead and ordered the phone because I assumed (yes I know what assumed means…) that when it listed the phones as CDMA Compatible that it would come that way. The Samsung I purchased in the past was not. Or at least that’s what I remember from that time. It came setup for T-Moble and the service was horrible. Dropped calls, text messages that would not send and so forth. The Sprint setup may not be perfect and I understand that T-Mobile may be building out their service but I just don’t trust it at this point. Thank you for sending the CDMA Sim Card for me. It is much appreciated and if it make it here the day after the phone or even two days after it will not be that big of a deal My old Moto X Gen 2 is still functioning. I just dropped it and cracked the screen but it is not shattered completely like my Samsung. I will more than likely use the replacement SIM card as the Sprint setup gives me no issues. Sorry if I seemed like I jumped the gun on the purchase and thank you all for your help. John


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