New phones ordered


Ordered new SamsungJ7 phones. When my wife sends a text message the recipients say a odd phone number is displayed.


Which texting app are you using?
the Samsung Messaging app does not support Republic IP base texting (using system API) the Messages by Google and Republic Anywhere are the officially supported texting apps though some third party app will also work if they support System API (vs the old default API)


I am a 74 year old novice. How do I know what texting app I am using? Just using app that came with phone.


My phone working fine.


The Messages app supplied with Samsung’s Galaxy J7 doesn’t work correctly with Republic and is known to produce the results you describe. You’ll want to download and install one of the apps linked below:

If you tap one of these links while viewing on your phones, the chosen app will install.


the Default Samsung Messages app looks like image Used to look like image
this app i not supported on Republic and give the results you have reported

Messages by Google looks like :messages: (
Republic anywhere looks like :anywhere:

edit to update image as the one I used was for an older Samsung builds


Yes and no. On the 2018 J7 (and perhaps other Samsung’s running Oreo) the native messages app looks like this: