New phones with LED notification light

This question was asked a year ago, but the answer is outdated since most of the phones listed in the answer are no longer available from RW. So, I am asking it again as I am ready to upgrade from my Gen 1 Moto G…

Need to replace my Moto G. My original cheap Moto phone had a message notification light that would blink when I had a new text or missed call.

I really miss that simple feature. Which models of new phones sold by Republic has this useful feature? Thank you

I am not sure of the ones sold by RW, but I do know that the Google Pixel phones have a way to turn this feature on in the settings. These are phones supported by RW.

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Only the Pixel 1 and 2 models have a LED notification LED.
The Pixel 3 does not.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 through S9 have notification lights. The new Galaxy S10 does not.

Thanks for clarifying that. I should have stated that as well. I have the OG Pixel XL which is how I know of the LED on that phone.

On the Motos, the simple answer is none of the modern ones.

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