New plans do not activate till April 6? I need a new plan now for new phone

I am finally switching for the first gen Moto X with the original plan to a new Moto G5 plus. I have a new sim card, new phone, and tried to switch my plan to a plan that is supported on the new phone.

Unfortunately it says the new plan will not activate till April 6. I cannot wait that long, obviously. How do I bypass this issue?

BTW, an FAQ on updating from an old unsupported plan to a new phone would be most helpful. I could not find one anywhere.

When you activete the new phone it will take a new My choice plan Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless

sounds like you tried to change from a 1.0 plan to a 2.0 Plan (Which takes place on billing cycle but those plans need the Legacy phones to work

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It is actually a “new plan” that it took me to. Are you rolling out new plans on April 6?

Do you know anything about an FAQ for this process? Do I use the new sim in the new phone, then via WiFi I move all my data and settings to my new phone thru settings or will Google Backup and restore, which I have active will update the new phone? If so how does Google know it’s the replacement phone? Should I setup the sim card for my Republic account first in hopes that Google will know that is a replacement phone?

Hi @johnw.9phsw6,

Using the new phone, with the new SIM installed, please follow the steps in this activation guide:

When you activate this new phone, it will require the My Choice plan. There’s no way to change to the My Choice plan on an active Moto X 1st Gen. Can you give us the exact wording or a screenshot that makes you think it won’t work until April 6? Maybe that’s just your next billing cycle date, but you don’t have to wait until then to activate.

If you want the new phone to keep the old phone’s number, make sure you use the same Republic Wireless credentials you use for your old phone.

Activating with Republic Wireless and moving content with Google are two separate processes. The SIM card has nothing to do with your personal content. It only has to do with the phone’s access to cellular service.

When you add the same Google account to the new phone, the phone will sync some content, like contacts. It will offer to install apps you have on the previous phone.

There’s some help on moving content from one phone to another in this Tips and Tricks article: How to transfer content.


Exact wording on my manage account screen of the RW app …
Pending plan transition
Your plan change to Republic Refund 1GB will take place on April 6.

Yes, I knew the plan had to change and was trying to do so before switching phones in hopes it would go more smoothly. When you say same credentials you mean the user name and pw, or is there more that I need to know?

This phone has multiple google accounts. That would not be a problem, I imagine as long as I use the main one for the setup, correct?

the Republic Refund is a 2.0 plan and can only work on a legacy phone, the My choice plan will be automatically selected when you activate the new 3.0 phone

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That message is on the Moto X. If you had wanted to move from your current 1.0 “unlimited” plan to the 2.0 refund plan, you would have to wait until your billing cycle date to do so.

Using the Moto X, please cancel that pending transition. Is there an option to do so on that same page you just quoted?

Then, yes, using the same account username and password that you use on the Moto X, please follow the steps in the activation guide.

If the phone has multiple Google Accounts, it may be that you’ve synced apps, photos, and contacts to different Google accounts. So if you get the new phone set up and find something is missing, you may want to check the old phone to see what account that missing something was associated with.

The content on the old phone will not go away when it is de-activated. It will stop making calls and sending text messages, but apps will keep working, as they would on a tablet, on Wi-Fi.


Hi again @johnw.9phsw6,

The instructions to cancel the pending plan change on the Moto X are in the [Cancel a Pending Plan Change](Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help Pending Plan Change) section of this document.


Going well.

Thanks for your help


Hi @johnw.9phsw6
I’m glad that you got you new phone activated … sorry it wasn’t painless :frowning:

  • I wonder if you could apply a little hindsite (sp) to this problem and possibly help other users in the future?
    • If so, could you walk through the activation guide that provides the guided process and see if there would be anything you could suggest be added/changed that would have prevented the problem you encountered


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Um, your hindsite is not the same thing as your hindsight.

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