New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App



Cell phones have increasingly become targets for calls that we don’t want from spammers and fraudsters. According to a recent report by the Federal Trade Commission, in 2017 the number of complaints for unwanted calls increased by 34%, despite the number of registered numbers on the Do Not Call Registry increasing by 4 million to 229 million. Clearly, spammers are continuing to find ways to get in front of users! While some Android devices are able to identify potential spam calls, we want you to be able to quickly take action and prevent a number from being able to call you again. Starting today we’re rolling out a feature in the Republic Wireless app that puts you in control.


Anytime you ignore or quickly end a phone call from a number that isn’t in your contact list already, we’ll give you an option to quickly add the number as a new contact or block all future calls and messages from that number.


Blocked numbers can still leave you a voicemail, in case you block an important number. If you do, you can always remove it from your blocklist by going through your phone app settings.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and are excited to give you a new way to help block spam calls to your device.

Note: This feature will be available on all devices that run Android N (7.0) or higher and is rolling out in the Republic Wireless App to a phone near you in the coming weeks!.

For a text version of these steps, please see How to Block Calls from the Republic Wireless App

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Can’t wait to give this a try (when I get My Moto Z2 Play next week)


Thanks for implementing this feature. I got a spam call on time where someone started cursing me out. I ended the phone call, and then he called me back several times. I didn’t answer, but he left me voicemails where he cursed at me. He also texted me that night.

I was in a dilema because I wanted to keep my number although I was dealing with this crazy guy that I didn’t know. I got a few call blocking apps, and based on the advice of a policeman and based on the fact that I don’t communicate with people who are cursing me out, I refrained from talking to him.

He found out how to e-mail me, and he e-mailed me as well.

After those two days, if I remember correctly, he stopped calling me. Now I am a firm believer using and encouraging others to use call blocking apps so people won’t have a similar experience as I did.


Possibly I am missing something. Is this feature not already available in android 7.0?

Maybe I am missing something? I ask because I frequently do miss something…


Yes, call blocking has been with Android before this new feature with Republic Wireless was annouced.

I believe the difference is that Republic Wireless is making even easier to block calls based on how fast you end the call. If you end the call quickly, then you will have an option come up on your phone either to add it to your contacts or to block it. This, to me, is what differentiates this call blocking feature from what has already been built into Android.


You’re missing nothing. Republic has created a more convenient interface to the call blocking facility already built into Android. Still, I’ve used it (beta testing) and find the convenience to be a worthy addition. I just wish Android allowed for dumping the call without allowing the caller to leave voicemail.


Call blocking isn’t really effective for me, because I seem to get calls from different numbers every time.

RW was able to change my hidden Sprint number and cut my spam calls in half, though <3


Thanks for this RW! The only calls I ever answer are from callers on my contact list that show up on Caller ID. All others, I reject. I’ve got a Pixel 2 and it identifies potential inbound calls from spammers. This new feature will make it really simple to block these types of calls and reduce the number of them I receive.


This is a great new feature! I can’t wait for this update to be rolled out onto my device. Thanks for being so swell, Republic! Not to be too effusive, but I really appreciate how you treat your customers by putting out quality-of-life updates like this.


I get calls that have been blocked, but still get through to voicemail. I want an option to not allow voicemail either. I’m tired of hearing that I am qualified to receive a medical alert pendant, I’m 48.


Can it block the auto dialers that use a different display number each time they call? I changed my number and am getting none right now but I am sure that will change with robo calls!

We love our members, and we want to show our appreciation!

I look forward to giving this a try. Of the Android apps I’ve tried (currently, Should I Answer?) to block spam calls, I prefer those which use a community database of “known” spammers. But, none of them works very well.

Regardless, when or if spammers can spoof numbers at will, I don’t expect this to be the holy grail, either.

Does it at least offer the option to auto-ignore all calls from numbers not found in my Contacts? I’m beginning to think that’s where I’m headed.


Is there a limit to the number of calls you can have on your list?


Now add in the ability to optionally block voicemails from those numbers and we’ll be firin’ on all cylinders…


I love that this feature is being added to our RW app! I’ve had other apps do this for me, but that’s the only reason I’ve had these other apps. So glad I can do it soon without additional apps!


I’d like to be able to mark numbers as “spam” or “scam” after I hang up. On the flip side, I’d like to see a message like “60 users in the last 30 days have marked this phone number as a scam” while it rings unfamiliar numbers.

We love our members, and we want to show our appreciation!

I’m beginning to use NoMoRobo on my Moto E4+. When a robocall comes in. NoMoRobo pops up with an option to hang up, but the phone continues to ring for another 10 seconds or so - no immediate hang up. I’d like to try this new RW feature. Is there a cost? Should I drop my NoMoRobo subscription first?


No extra cost.

It’s just a new feature built into the app. It does not use a database of known numbers or anything like that. It is just a nice and simple tool that allows you to quickly block calls from numbers you don’t want to receive them from.


hi, will this new blocking feature work on the Moto E4? I think it’s a great option. Thanks!!


Hi @gracej.8ce0a8

Yes it will. It is built into RW’s app. You should have the feature when the app update comes to your phone.