New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App



Thanks…they all have full numbers from my area code…and apparently used without permission. Any idea if I can stop these texts? My original question was whether the Republic App would block them.


the Republic app is not set up to block text (the Republic app is adding a user interface to Androids native call blocking function)

My information may be out of data but last I heard no app is able to block a text with out being set to be the default texting app


Thanks. I’ll continue to delete by hand for the time being. Wonder if my “do not call” instruction has expired and if that would affect texts?


If they are spoofing numbers I don’t think they care about the “Do not Call” list


@ronl.pnf7y3 would it help if you could just block the notifications from popping up? I created a macro using the Android app MacroDroid that blocks just the notification but not the text.

The macro below is one I created to block the notification of texts I received from that contain the word ‘crash’. Your Trigger would probably need to be any non-contact number and contains words that are mostly likely unique to the unwanted texts.

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Android’s relatively new native blocking facility blocks both calls and text messages:

So, the question becomes which phone do you have and what version of Android is it running? If it’s Android 7 (Nougat) or above the answer to your question is yes. If uncertain about the version of Android on your phone, please check at Settings -> About phone -> Android version.

Alternatively, either Republic Anywhere or Android Messages is capable of blocking text messages. Please see here: How to block unwanted calls and texts.


A question I don’t see yet … did you check your Account records to see if the text shows up, or was it possibly sent to your underlying number (where it wouldn’t be logged)
ETA: Check a couple of you back entries and see you have a Mog G5 so as @rolandh notes this wouldn’t apply to you


Again, it depends on the model of the phone in question. If it’s a 3.0 phone or any phone running Anywhere, receiving text messages directly to the secondary number is no longer possible.


I have the Moto G5plus, running app version Do I understand correctly that the Republic App would not block unwanted texts?



How do I check my Account records?


see my answer of the same question here


For the sake of clarity, the Republic app blocks neither calls or text messages. What it does do is provide a convenient interface to Android’s native facility for doing so.

That convenience is most useful for calls (when turned on and the number calling you isn’t already in your phone’s contacts you’ll receive a notification presenting the opportunity to either add the number to your contacts or block it. If one wishes to do neither, one simply dismisses the notification without acting on it.

For text messages, the process is more manual but they can indeed be blocked on your Moto G5+. From the Republic app one would do so as follows:

  1. Open the Republic app.
  2. Tap Settings (gear icon upper right).
  3. Tap Advanced Settings.
  4. Scroll to, then tap Blocked numbers.
  5. Add the number(s) you wish to block.

You’ll note in step 5 the color changes from Republic green to blue. That’s because the Republic app is providing an interface to something already on your phone rather than blocking anything itself. Both calls and text messages originating from those numbers entered here will be blocked.


I am still on Republic Refund 2.0 - I have a MotoG 3rd Generation, running Android 5.1.1 - how soon will I be able to block texts and phone calls - or will I ever??


this is not coming to the Legacy phones (it is a user interface improvement to a native Android 7.0+ feature and even 3.0 phones that are on 6.0 will not see this )
I would recommend a call blocking app like

Blocking calls on version 5.1 Moto X

I tried iRW app and I much prefer Mr. Number and being able to block and state why.


Love the blocking feature, keep up the good work


It could be a Republic specific issue. Are you saying that Republic tags all outgoing calls with the caller’s name, as Catherine requests? Or are you saying that Republic plays the same silly game as other carriers in masking a caller’s identity, perhaps even inserting a fake area code or a fake name if that is what the caller asks RW to do for their phone?


the Phone system (not just Republic but all phone carriers) does not allow any carrier to send names just the number this is what is known as caller ID, the receiving carrier is the one that adds names (city/provider) base on the lookup tables, Republic will push out what the in the tables from Bandwidth (Republic’s VOIP Provider) side but it is up to the receiving to updated their tables and determine what to display (which can range to just the number or other information listed in the tables

Republic does not fake the phone number (which includes the area code) as for fake name if the user request a number to listed as a name Republic will publish it as the account holder wants (Republic has no way of knowing who is the end user is as there nothing stopping me for opening an account in my name but having my Mother in law be the only phone on the account


How so?

No phone company does so. It’s not how things work. See here: CNAM (Caller Name) 101.

The only thing Republic sends is one’s Republic telephone number. Please see the post linked above to understand why what one sees on the receiving end might be different. No games (silly or otherwise) being played here.


Was this new feature finally released on Google Play? Do not see the update on Google play. I am using XT1526.