New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App





Hi @krisn.fxac1z, you can either swipe the notifcation away without acting on it, or you can disable the notifications altogether, if you don’t even want to see them after each call.


Why can’t this new feature be applied/built for all makes and models of all the phones on the Republic Wireless Platform? (Dislike that I’m left out because I’m using an older model phone).


Because we are using the built in Android call blocking feature on the phone. Our new feature just makes that easier to use and more up front on the call. The older versions of Android do not have the needed feature.


Will Android v. 7 be pushed out to the Moto G4 Plus (my phone)? I am only on v 6, currently, but would like to make use of this call block feature. We recently got rid of our Ooma VOIP feature which had its own account-based call blocking feature which we loved. You would simply pull up call history, locate the number you want to block, and do so. Wish we had that as a feature on our smartphones.


only Motorola can truly answer this

You’re not the only one wondering about the Moto G4 Play nougat update


This is so exciting! Spam calls seem incredibly universal to me and I have been super annoyed with them. My previous spam blocking apps have been a disappointment to me.

IMHO, all phone numbers should have a name attached to them, just like email. That way, if someone we know calls us but we don’t have them saved in our phone, we will answer. And if someone we’re not interested in calling gives us a call, we will know immediately whether we need to block them or not!


Arguably that might be how it should work but the reality is far different. This might be of interest: CNAM (Caller Name) 101. Please note this isn’t a Republic specific issue. It’s the way (for better or worse) our phone system works by design.


Thank you! I can see the option now on my RW app. this is great!


While this new feature of the RW app makes it slightly more convenient to employ Android’s number blocking option, I still don’t like the fact that it sends calls to voicemail, which only verifies that my number is an active number. I would welcome an option to kill the call without sending to voicemail.


Even with Android 6 it’s fairly easy to block a number. Well “easy” if it’s easy and not if it’s not, if you know what I mean !!! :wink:

Create a “spam” contact in your contacts.
Then click on the pencil(at the top) to edit it.
At the upper top right corner click on the 3 dots , choose “All calls to voicemail”.

Any number you want block, press and hold the number, click “edit before calling”, then “add to contacts” . Add it to the “spam” contacts…

I have about 7 numbers I’ve added to the “spam” contact.


As you observe Republic’s new feature is a more convenient interface to Android’s native call blocking facility. Unless Google decides to add the ability to dump a call without sending it to voicemail to base Android, Republic would need to develop such a feature itself. There’s one third-party app I know of with the capability:

At $4.99, it’s pricey as Android apps go but, for me, it’s money well spent. Extreme Call Blocker also optionally syncs with the FCC’s list of known spammers for preemptive call blocking, which is something else I’d like to see Republic and/or Google incorporate. There’s a free version that does much of what Extreme Call blocker does but I’d rather spend the $5 than tolerate ads:


Try the free TrueCaller blocker app from the PlayStore. My wife and I have both been using it for at least 2 yrs and it is a godsend.


I’ve been using this app as well, and I like it a lot, too! :slight_smile:


Use Mr. Number. It blocks voicemail from numbers that are on your blocked list.


I use Mr. Number because they also block voicemails most of the time.


Mr. Number does one better and blocks voicemails.


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I have a MotoX gen 2 that says it is running on Android version 5.1 Will this phone be upgraded to Android N (7.0) or will my phone not be eligible for this app? Thanks!