New republic phone says it is locked to boost wireless

New phone which I ordered from republic wireless to replace my daughters old republic phone arrived (samsung A71). Swapped SIM card. Can not activate it. The message says it is locked to boost wireless and wants my number and pin for the boost network. This never happened with republic before. Was I sent an incorrect locked phone?

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Good Morning @johnandberg and welcome to the Community!

The locked to Boost message is spurious. The phone isn’t actually locked to Boost. It is, however, locked to Republic. Phones sold in Republic’s online store after December 14, 2021 are locked to Republic, which is a change.

It is also no longer possible to activate the phone by swapping the SIM from your daughter’s previous phone. You would need to activate the new phone with the SIM that shipped with it. Did you received a SIM kit with the new phone?

Additionally, if not already aware, you need to know activating a new phone purchased at Republic’s online store after December 14, 2021 requires a new 5.0 plan from among those here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless.

Further the current and temporary activation process for members activating a 5.0 plan is not exactly elegant and experiencing numerous bugs. Presuming your daughter’s current phone is operable, I would suggest waiting to activate the new phone until Republic has squashed the bugs.

With that said, here’s the current activation process:

And, some other things you might want to consider:


That’s interesting. I spot checked the two cheapest phones and the most expensive phone that are available in the RW store. Each phone was available, brand new and unlocked for cheaper on Amazon.

At this point there is a significant incentive to not buy phones from Republic Wireless due to the higher prices and that they’re locked.

I hope Republic Wireless reconsiders this business practice in the future.


You can sure see Dish Wireless speaking clearly here.

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For what it’s worth, Republic will unlock phones purchased at its online store after December 14, 2021 upon request:

Though selling locked phones is indeed new for Republic, in terms of price, Republic’s online store has not historically been the least expensive place to buy compatible phones. The likes of Amazon, Best Buy, etc. will likely always undercut Republic on price because they sell orders of magnitude more phones.

Republic’s online store is and always has been intended to offer convenience. If one buys a phone there, one need not concern themselves with whether the phone meets compatibility requirements.


It would be good if the FAQ you linked clearly stated the duration of lock.

There is no duration. All one need do is request the unlock.

oh ok…maybe minor typo in your post then 2022…instead of 2021

Yes, thank you. Phones purchased at Republic’s online store on or after December 14, 2021 (the day the store reopened) are locked to Republic but will be unlocked upon request.

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Hmm…I wonder if I can purchase a deeply discounted Boost phone for use on Republic Wireless? Nah…It’s not worth trying.

Please note that the phone must first be activated on Republic’s network in order to be unlocked.

For those who are comfortable with BYOP, there never really has been a significant incentive to buy from our online store. Phones sold by our online store will not require the APN settings to be created, as BYOP requires. We may also offer special pricing and promotions in the future that prospective buyers will find attractive.

Hi All:
Thanks for the suggestions. Note I purchased the phone about 5 days ago through the republic wireless store. I check the box stating I am an existing customer. Republic sent me an (apparently) useless phone. I am not too happy… And I have been a customer for about 10 years.

I’m not sure why you say that. The phone can be activated with the SIM it came with, with a new number, basically immediately. If you’re trying to move a Republic number to that phone Republic is working on the technical issue causing delays in that process and once they’re resolved, you could activate with the SIM that came with it, and move your Republic number. You could also activate with that SIM and move a number from another carrier. None of these results in the phone being “useless”.

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Hi @johnandberg,

It sounds like your goal was to activate the new phone on an existing My Choice plan and for that purpose, yes, the phone is useless. I agree that needs to be made more clear in the online store.

Do you have any interest in moving to the 5.0 plans? Have you looked over the information at
and ?

If you’re not interested in moving to 5.0, but simply need to replace your current My Choice phone, we’ll be glad to process a return for the new phone, although that process is currently pending a fix, as well. You can go ahead and let our Help Team know if that’s your preference, and we’ll make sure you’re not stuck with a phone you can’t use.

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I’m actually having the exact same issue with the exact same phone. I now have a new 5.0 Plan with republic wireless, but since i purhcased the phone under my old account, republic wireless hasn’t been able to help me connect my new phone with my new account. theyve mailed me multiple SIM cards that dont work, and i feel like my phone and phone number is being held hostage because of the company trying to implement this 5.0 idea before they had it built out.

i just got off the line with a service rep who claimed that republic wireless phones arent locked, but also said he submitted a ticket to ‘have my phone unlocked.’

needless to stay, i’m stuck, frustrated, and not hopeful that his unlock request for me will prove fruitful.

This process works: If they haven’t had you do this, no matter how many SIM cards they send, it won’t fix the issue. It isn’t about the SIM card, it is about what account the plan is bought and activated on.

Whomever you talked to is wrong about phones sold since 12/15. The new phones are indeed locked by Republic and can be unlocked, once activated on Republic, via a support request.


That process linked didn’t work for me last week and i cant even try to replicate it now because when i go to ‘activate’ it tries to make me shop for a phone and a plan, both of which I have.

Last week when i was able to get through and click ‘submit activation’ all that popped up was red text saying to contact customer care.

when i contact them, they send me the same link you just did, unfortunately. so it seems like my phone number, and my new account, and my new phone are caught in some weird catch-22.

i wish i had known about their system upgrade before i purchased the new phone from them. I am worried i wont be able to unlock the phone because it cant even be activated with republic wireless for some reason, and im currently paying for the new 5.0 plan i cant use, in addition to my original mychoice plan.

i cant even cancel my new account, and i am hesitant to cancel my original mychoice account before getting to the bottom of this, which now shows a new phone number attached to it.

Last ticket still not resolved. Ordered new sims for 2 lines (with another email), not arrived yet. Paying for 2 useless lines and new phone that does not work and is locked to “Boost Wireless”. I am an 8+ year customer that has sent many people to your service, but I am not happy. Am considering a “real” company that qualifies their new software BEFORE rollout to all customers (yes I am in IT).

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All phones sold by Republic since 12/13 are locked to Republic. DISH owns both Republic and Boost.

You say you’re paying for two lines, but if you haven’t activated the lines, you aren’t paying for them. The cost of the plan is collected at sale but the clock doesn’t start ticking until the SIM is activated and if it isn’t well then you can request a full refund for up to 45 days.