New Republic user needs help setting up voicemail on moto e android phone

New Republic user needs help setting up voicemail on moto e android phone

Hi @dougv.fwaydq,

Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

You can setup voicemail in the Republic app:

Here is more information on your moto e…
Look in the section called “Calling and Texting” for tips on how to check your voicemail:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You have not told me how/where to create the password that the VM function wants? You have not said anything about how to check the VM. Setting up the message is easy but where is that message applied?

Hi @dougv.fwaydq,

Welcome to our Member Community, and welcome to Republic Wireless!

For the most part, the people answering questions here, like @SuperT are other Republic Wireless members, people who are willing to simply offer their help. When they do so, and you reply with “you did not” statements, it begins to sound very argumentative and confrontational. Perhaps that wasn’t how you meant it to sound.

When you first posted, you wrote that you needed help “Setting up voicemail.” You were provided the instructions to set up a voicemail greeting, which is often what people mean when they say “Set up” voicemail.

The second link that SuperT provided, does give the instructions to check the voicemail.

The instructions to set your voicemail PIN are here:

If you have additional questions as you get used to your new phone, I hope you’ll ask. We have lots of members who are always happy to help. And maybe one day you’ll see a question here that you know the answer to, and you’ll help another member out with a great answer.

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