New Republic Wireless Account, PHX AZ


Just signed up for Republic Wireless about a month ago here in the Phoenix area. Took a few days at first to make sure everything was working as promised and so far, I am completely satisfied.
For those interested here is my situation: First of all, I am not someone who is on the phone constantly. I get calls and texts a couple of times a day. I am connected with my wifi at home and connected with my wifi at work which saves me huge amounts of data with Pandora and other streaming apps. The few times when I need to use data out of a wifi range I haven’t had any problems. When I am away from home and work but still inside the footprint of the Phoenix are using cell towers I can get good LTE cell phone bars inside the valley from Scottsdale to south Phoenix without any problems and the data usage is minimal using Google maps, Strava and social media etc. I pay for 2g of data/per month and I still have 1.7 left on my service. The next test will be when I go camping or travel outside the Phoenix area and see what my service is like. I will try to post here again if I have any issues with that…Happy Customer!


Hi @shaneh.vdyaqy,

Welcome to RW and thank you for posting your experience so far. I hope RW keeps working out well for you. Also, if you haven’t done so already, you may want to take a look at Republic Anywhere to enhance your RW experience across other devices that you may have.

Also, if you are only using 0.3GB per month…then you may want to look into downgrading to the 1GB. you can always add more if you need it!

ETA: I hope you are aware of the ability to download Google Maps offline to be even more sparing with your cell data usage.


Hi @shaneh.vdyaqy,

Thanks for sharing your impressions as you begin your experience with Republic Wireless!

Your usage sounds very similar to mine. I noticed Strava on your list, are you a runner? I use it for biking. I tried to use it for kayaking one time, although the choices for recording trips are on bike or on foot. It worked pretty well en route, but once I tapped to finish recording, it moved my entire trip to the nearest roads and trails! So obviously it is smart enough to know I can’t bike on water.

We have a lot of members in Phoenix, maybe some others will chime in to say hi.

I look forward to hearing how the phone performs, and what uses you find for it, on your next camping trip.


Welcome, there are many RW folks around your area … including @phoenixtommy whom we haven’t heard much from lately?