New RW customer phone number transfer time

hello -

according to this link the phone number 513-289-XXXX is eligible for transfer. how long does the transfer usually take? is the phone down during that time?

note: the new customer has an older Motorola phone, and just acquired a new moto-x4 phone that i believed shipped with a RW sim card.

or is it a case where after a time, the old phone stops answering and the new one starts?

this is for somebody else. i have two RW phones for years, both using the new moto-x4 phones. awesome service!

Transfers in to Republic generally take about 24 hours, but can take longer. During that time the service remains intact with the old service. There should be no downtime as the phone number should start working with Republic as it stops working with the old carrier.


thank you - that is just what i suspected.

one last dumb question: if we are transferring a number from Consumer Cellular, how do we “authorize” the transfer? will Consumer Cellular get hold of us asking our permission?

You authorize it by providing Republic the correct information to prove that you own the account. Essentially the name/address/account number/PIN. You do not need to authorize to Consumer Cellular directly.

Republic has a chart of exactly what you’ll need here: Information Needed to Transfer Your Number – Republic Help

Alas, Consumer Cellular is a bit of an exception to the general rule. @edwardsmarkf will want to see here also: Consumer Cellular "All Data Mismatch" Exception Message – Republic Help.

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