New RW customer wi-fi phone primarily for store purchases


hello - i have a friend who may be interested in RW phones. she is specifically interested in making store purchases using a phone, and probably little else.

i am thinking of suggesting the RW ‘wifi-only’ plan, and maybe a used Moto-X phone that is RW-friendly. most decent stores have customer wi-fi available.

any thoughts on my suggestion, and also where would be a good source to pick up a used RW-friendly phone?



This should work [though I would be looking at the Moto G 3rd (16GB) or a Moto X 2nd]
Just note the first month needs to be on the $10 voice and text (no data), then one can downgrade to the $5 WiFi only plan



Hi @edwardsmarkf

I would be interested to know, if you don’t mind sharing, what do you mean by “specifically interested in making store purchases using a phone”.

The reason I ask would be security concerns…Banks, CC, etc. Obviously, newer, up-to-date phones tend to have better security features. Also, “most decent stores have customer wi-fi available”, is somewhat subjective. My experience is varied.



Again, if you do not mind sharing details, there may be other options available. Here is the link that pertains to legacy devices.


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